General News

American Bio Dental Center

We wish to thank the entire staff of the American Bio Dental Center for their critical role in helping us with our wellness program. Their professionalism and quality dental work, utilizing the Hal Huggins protocol, was a critical part of Michael’s road to recovery. We can validate the following information, excerpted from a flyer they provide regarding their services. “About us… The American Bio-Dental Center offers you a state of the art dental facility that not only allows you affordable dental care, but most importantly, we offer you biologically safe procedures and techniques. You will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on top quality biological dentistry. This revolutionary appropach to dentistry ensures that our customers not only improve their smiles from a cosmetic point of view, but most important, it ensures a high health standard for the individual as a whole.
“American Bio Dental Center is the only clinic in Mexico certified to provde 100% of the “Huggins Protocol” for Dental revision and detoxification. The clinic received its training from Hal Huggins, DDS, MS who is noted for pioneering the field of Holistic or Biological Dentistry with his outspoken insights on the hazards of mercury fillings nearly 30 years ago. He has since been researching and perfecting the procedure for mercury removal, safe dental revisions, detoxification, body chemistry analysis and rebalancing.”
American Bio Dental Center service highlights: Affordable biological dentistry performed by competent, well trained, patient, caring staff (who speak English!); Environmentally friendly office; Blood chemistry analysis; Panoramic X-Rays; Safe silver (mercury) fillings removal/replacement; Heavy metal detoxification; Nutritional supplementation; Bio-compatible dental materials suited specifically to your body; Intravenous (IV) sedation; Root canal tooth extractions; Cavitation work; Cosmetic biodentistry. We can’t thank them enough, and encourage you to contact them for your Holistic Dental Care needs. Be sure to let them know that you heard about them from Michael and Kathy Blair, on the “Keep Blair Alive” Website. Staff members who provided us with dental care included: Allessandro Porcello, Dr. John Isom, Dr. Eduardo Munoz, Dr. Humberto Beltran, Violeta, Carmen and Pedro. We thank them for their diligence and quality work.