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As an integral part of Michael's on-going care, we have begun working with Dr. Robert Erdmann and the staff of BioScience. At present, his professional affiliations include the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, British Society of Nutritional Medicine (now the British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine), Orthomolecular Medical Society, International College of Applied Nutrition and American Psychological Association. Sweden honored him in December 1997 with a NOBEL BELL Award for his sharing of information, unique tests and treatment of untreatable health cases. (The only non-Swedish Person to be so honored). Dr. Erdmann believes in a total approach to health using biochemical, blood, urine, saliva and hair tests.
Bioscience staff members have provided us immeasurable assistance through use of state-of-the-art evoked potential bio-feedback system for stress detection and stress reduction and assistance with diet/nutrition/supplements.
I highly recommend that if you or someone you know and love is struggling with medical issues, contact BioScience, they will provide what might very well be a key component to your wellness program. Michael's overall improvement has been so successful, that some of our friends and family members have sought assistance from Bioscience, and we wish them wellness. [The list of friends and family members introduced to Quantum EPFX/QXCI/SCIO has GROWN!! The list of those who are moving towards better health and wellness by using this Evoked Bio-Feedback service now includes: Diana, Mark, Ann Marie, Humberto, Mike, Jessica, Ken, Teri, Vicki, Ted, Rita, Kathy, Stan, Bob, Diane, Sandy, Larry, Johnny, Jen, Bryan, Harold, Ginny, Dennis, Denny, Kathy, Machelle, Connie, Teri, Dave, Alma, Norris, Alessandro, Allen, Marc, Sandi, John, David, Donna, Jenny, Hilary, Karen, Lydia, Chuck, Donna, Jaime, Nick, Steve, Tami, Brittany, Connor, Jerry, Lynn… and the list continues to grow! Find out what they have learned, and find a Quantum QXCI practitioner near you!] If you do not live in the local (Washington State) area, find a Quantum EPFX/QXCI/SCIO bio feedback service provider near you.