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Michael and Kathy Blair, December 4, 2004

Keep Michael Blair Alive!

First off, Thanks! for visiting this website. Michael came up with the name, and I launched it July 30, 2003, so there are still some pages under construction. Please be patient while I fill in all the holes. We know that the information found on this website will provide inspiration and hope as you or your loved one progress on the journey of surviving cancer.
We continue to gratefully accept donations to the “Donation Account For Michael Blair” held at KeyBank. Donations may be made at any KeyBank, nationwide. Current costs are over $2,000 each month (for past debt and for current care) and and we can't thank you enough for considering making a Gift Donation.
Please read conditions expressed on the Disclaimer page before continuing, thanks.
I just sent this off to several local and national news agencies (King 5, KCPQ 13, Oprah, Today at NBC). Please feel free to help send it on to appropriate agencies:
“My husband Michael was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on March 1st, 2002. His 3rd year anniversary is a week away. Because the cancer metastasized to the liver, lungs, small intestine and recurred at the original site, Michael was told that he would not survive to see July 2004. He made a “life list” and we began accomplishing many of the items on it. Michael has managed to survive despite seven major surgeries and enduring six months of chemotherapy that did not kill the cancer but damaged his immune system. Standard western medicine options (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) were no longer an option. His remarkable survival story is one of will, determination faith and an open mind as we explored alternative methods to “kick colorectal cancer in the butt”. I launced a website “Keep Blair Alive!” at www. to share with others what we have learned and garner support for our increasingly poor financial situation. The responses we have received, from around theworld have let us know that our story has touched lives and encouraged others to get and stay on their own wellness journey. Despite all odds, surviving metastatic colorectal cancer is possible. March is “Colorectal Cancer Awarness Month”, please consider hearing more about and sharing our story with your audiences”.
I received this response to the posting (above) from the American Cancer Society. I provide it here, full text:Friday, February 25, 2:25 p.m.
Dear Mrs Blair,
Thank you for contacting your American Cancer Society. My name is Michelle, and I will be assisting you.
Please accept our apology for our delayed response time. Your American Cancer Society strives to answer questions in a timely fashion. Our e-mail center is working on methods to improve our response time.
Thank you for your interest in sharing your husband's amazing story of survival with the American Cancer Society. Your story has been forwarded to the Society editorial department. When the editorial department receives your story, you might be contacted for permission to publish it on the “News Today” section of our website. We appreciate your interest in sharing your story with others.
Please note that we are also available to answer questions about colon cancer, treatment for colon cancer and other cancer-related topics like nutrition. We may also be able to provide referrals to various programs and services like support groups or financial assistance. If you have additional questions, please respond to this message or call our 24-hour National Cancer Information Center at 800-227-2345. We would welcome an opportunity to assist you and your husband in any way that we can.
Please contact your American Cancer Society if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.
This e-mail message is not intended as medical advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultations with qualified health professionals who are familiar with your individual medical needs. The American Cancer Society makes no warranties of any kind regarding this e-mail message, including but not limited to any warranty of accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and such warranties are expressly disclaimed.
If you have any questions, please contact us via the World Wide Web at or call 1-800-ACS-2345. Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Copyright (c) 2003 The American Cancer Society, Inc.
Throughout this website, most links you click on should open in a new window, leaving the one you started on open, and running. Let me know about problems, suggestions, corrections, and, of course let me know if you like it!
Michael asked that I note here any recent changes, so you don't have to read the whole website to find them. As usual, a good idea, SO here they are:

It has been discovered that Michael has high levels of chronic bacteria (including the dread Clostridiums) which are usually associated with mercury dentalware (fillings). It is quite common in individuals who have any mercury fillings in their mouths. Both good and bacteria live in the mouth, and when the balance is upset to the degree Michael has, bacteria associated with metal dentalware is often the culprit.
We have sought the service of Dr. John Fry, DDS. and his team for assistance in removing the mercury fillings and replacing them.
We are grateful for their treatments and assistance in this area and wish to thank:

John Fry, DDS