Health Update

Michael Blair, Graham, Washington. 3.5 year survivor of colorectal, lung, liver cancer since March, 2002 to July 2005. Set a new world record for survival when he was alive to see the 4th of July, 2005. Now deceased, he is gone but will never be forgotten.
Michael asked that I write his obit from “bullet points” that he gave me. Here is the obit as it will appear in the Tacoma News Tribune, Saturday, 7/16/05:
“Michael J. Blair 1/19/1952 – 7/13/2005”Michael succumbed from colorectal cancer after valiantly, courageously, heroically fighting for 3.5 years. His enjoyed 3 extra years through Alternative Medicine methods. Michael passed away painlessly and peacefully at his Graham home. A Parkland resident from age 11, a 1971 Washington HS graduate, he worked in automotive retail sales for 34 yrs. The eldest of 4 sons, Michael is survived by his wife Kathy; daughters Allison and Hilary; granddaughter Olivia; father James; mother Vicki; brothers Ron and Ken; nieces Jessica, Mackenzie, Demi and DeAna. An avid Motorsports enthusiast from NASCAR to hydroplanes, he participated in PNW4WDA activities, SCUBA, camping. Michael will be missed but never forgotten by all those who knew and admired him. His family and many friends will host a celebration of his life. Event details at
I have been asked by many of you to continue this website. Valuable information and research is in place, and clearly from the e-mails and average of 70 hits each day, it continues to provide hope and suggestions/direction to many who walk this same path. I have decided to continue the website. At my end, you will know that I have turned some corner when I can write again. Watch for updates as they are posted. I will be forever grateful to all of you for the support that you have demonstrated, Love and Gratitude.
First off, Thanks! for visiting this website. Michael came up with the name, and I launched it July 30, 2003, so there are still some pages under construction. Please be patient while I fill in all the holes. We know that the information found on this website will provide inspiration and hope as you or your loved one progress on the journey of surviving cancer.
Please read conditions expressed on the Disclaimer page before continuing, thanks.
Throughout this website, most links you click on should open in a new window, leaving the one you started on open, and running. Let me know about problems, suggestions, corrections, and, of course let me know if you like it!

In late February, 2002, we listened (in shock) to Katie Couric's program on NBC's Today Show about Colorectal Cancer Awareness, and hoped that that was not what Michael had. Michael James Blair was diagnosed with Stage 3 (of 4) Colo Rectal Cancer on March 1st, 2002. We decided then that Michael was going to be one of the 5% of people who survive! Just over a year later, (on April 9th, 2003) he was diagnosed with Stage 4 (of 4) non-survivable metastatic liver cancer (Colo Rectal Cancer that had metastasized to the liver). With a total of nine tumors in the liver, (the oncologist deemed them non-operable), Michael was told that he had 6 months to live. In stepped Dr. Glenn Deyo who put together an incredible life-prolonging Radio Frequency Ablation Surgery. In April 2004 a 3D CT Scan revealed that the colorectal cancer had metastasized further and tumors were located at the original site of colon resection, seven tumors in the liver near the portal vein, one tumor in each lung–upper right and lower left, and “numerous nodules” were noted in the small bowel mysentery. We were informed that Michael would not live to see July 1st, 2004.In 2005, Cancer now overtook heart disease as the number one killer of Americans. Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the U.S. (behind lung, breast, prostrate). Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Only lung cancer claims more lives. So, while it is the fourth common occurring, more of those diagnosed with colon cancer die, than those diagnosed with breast or prostrate cancer.

Thank you to all of you who have shared your personal cancer related stories with us, we'd like to continue to share ours.

This website was setup for several reasons:
One, there are so many people who have worked with, know, love and respect Michael that responding to all the phone and e-mail requests for information does not get done as promptly as it should. This website should help to get and keep everyone in the loop quicker. Health updates (new and archived) are posted for you to read/review/share with others.
Two, since March 2002, I have conducted a bit of research, and others have shared information about colorectal cancer, metastatic liver cancer, lung cancer, radio frequency ablation, Artemisinin, ART, APN, MFT, Biofeedback, the role of Iron in cancer tumors, diet, exercise, etc. Michael and I agree that this information must be shared to keep others from treading where he has–in the dark.
Three, many of you have expressed interest in helping us financially, or have already helped us to tackle the debt and cost of ongoing care to Keep Michael Blair Alive!
We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the members of the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association and its Regional Clubs, our families, friends, classmates, co-workers, acquaintances, and other donors, for their generosity. We are forever grateful to Kathy Martin and family members Dennis, Machelle, Adrienne, Naomi, Denny for spearheading (2003) fund-raising efforts on our behalf.
Four, We believe in and will participate in the “Pay-It-Forward” movement. Michael and I plan to pay for ongoing care and to pay off medical expenses with monies received through the various fund raising efforts. Gift Donations exceeding this amount will be “Paid-Forward”. We will begin by making a “restricted donation” to St. Clare Hospital (Lakewood, Washington State). We will ask that St. Clare Hospital use this money for the express purpose of purchasing “Radio Frequency Ablation” equipment. This was the very specialized equipment that was used by Dr. Glenn Deyo in Michael's life-prolonging surgeries (April, June, August 2003). We know that having this equipment available at St. Clare will provide a better chance for survival to those in life-threatening situations similar to Michael's.
We simply can't say enough for Dr. Glenn Deyo and his staff (Ann, and Kelly) as well as the entire staff of the St. Clare Hospital (Lakewood Washington State) (specifically including members of the surgery team, the short-stay staff, and nursing and other staff in the patient wards) for their efforts in Keeping Michael Blair Alive!
We hope you will become informed and then moved to action, on your own behalf, or on the behalf of someone you know.